What is the rainforest personality test?

The rainforest test is taking over TikTok. Here’s how to do the self-reflection quiz. 

TikToker and software engineer @feleciaforthewin popularized the test and earned 4 million views in a matter of days. The personality quiz is supposed to reveal what you value in life.  


Send this to someone and try to guess theirs and lmk if you guessed correct or not lol #greenscreenvideo #personalitytest

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Here’s how to do it. You enter a rain forest with a cow, a horse, a lion and a monkey. You know that all four animals won’t make it through the journey. Choose which animal to leave behind. 

With three animals left, you explore the rainforest. You come across a man who says he’ll trade you food for an animal. Choose which animal to trade. 

With two animals left, tensions are high. The animals get into a fight. Choose which animal to save.

The last remaining animal is “supposed to tell you a lot about what you value most in life.” In a follow-up, the TikToker explained what value each animal represents. 

The cow represents money, the horse is loyalty and hard work, the lion is protection and the monkey is friendship. 

“The fact that I spent so much time hesitating between horse and lion makes sense,” someone wrote

“I just really like cows and want one as my pet,” another commented

“Literally chose the horse for transport reasons, that’s about it,” a TikToker wrote

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