5 of the best ramen noodle recipes on TikTok

Ramen noodles almost always seem to be making waves on TikTok. Beloved by students and food connoisseurs alike, the savory Japanese noodle dish can work with a variety of ingredients and isn’t picky about your skills in the kitchen. Whether you prefer your noodles from scratch or in pre-packaged brick form, these five ramen recipes will send you on a journey to umami heaven.  

1. Ramen carbonara

This ramen carbonara that’s been trending in Japan has now made its way to #FoodTikTok. In a separate bowl, thoroughly mix one egg, a dollop of mayo, the ramen’s spice packet and a pinch of garlic. Never underestimate the power of good seasoning, and in this case, the magic is in the mayo. One commenter recommends using “Japanese mayo if you can. You won’t go back.” Noted, filed and bon appétit!  

2. Creamy spicy buldak ramen

Cheese lovers unite! Place thin slices of cheese over this creamy ramen blend, and cover the pan until the stew reaches your desired cheesiness level. For a garnish that packs a punch while maintaining its #aesthetic, top off the dish with nori and spring onions.

3. Spicy chili powder ramen

If you’re in the market for a Korean lesson in addition to a classic ramen dish, this recipe masterfully combines both. TikTok user @marukiehm guides viewers through her step-by-step ramen-making process while providing translations for each ingredient and action. For some fun at your own risk, keep sprinkling on the chili powder and see just how hot you can go. 

4. Ginger scallion ramen

While ginger has been used to treat nausea, muscle cramps and other ailments, the potent spice is also a party for your taste buds when combined with scallions, soy sauce, sesame and shredded chicken. This alternative ramen is a super way to incorporate the tasty superfood. 

5. Spicy miso ramen

Known primarily for their mouth-watering flavor, ramen dishes also don’t skimp on presentation. This impressive recipe is a delight for the eyes in addition to the other senses. For a stately presentation, gingerly arrange your favorite ingredients — meats, bok choy and eggs are popular options — evenly toward the top of the bowl. For an extra glow-up, drizzle on some chili onion crunch.

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