TikTok users stumble upon ‘haunted’ building during randonauting session

A group of young adults stumbled upon a “creepy,” unexplained phenomenon while experimenting with a popular smartphone app.

The encounter was shared on TikTok by a user named yungzaylo. The 22-year-old’s video details what happened while he and his friends were using the Randonautica app.

For the unfamiliar, the app sends users on “randonauting” explorations by assigning them a random set of GPS coordinates in their area. The program aims to help people “go to a specific local place [they’ve] probably never even noticed,” according to a description on Reddit.

Randonauting journeys can be exciting or even cathartic, but yungzaylo’s was downright scary. The app took the TikToker and his friends to a random building in Duluth, Ga.

WARNING: the video below contains explicit language.


we did this at 3:30am… ##randonauting ##fyp ##foryoupage ##randonaut ##Flashback

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Visiting the building at 3:30 a.m., the group encountered some bizarre events — including several flickering streetlights.

“Yo, f*** no,” yungzaylo says in the clip. “No, no no no no. Can we go home please?”

As lights continue flashing around their car, one friend suggests going inside the building. Yungzaylo immediately rejects that idea and turns the car around.

“Yo, I’ve got f****** goosebumps right now,” yungzaylo says.

TikTok users seemed freaked out by the inexplicable lights and strange building. Additionally, the fact that the yungzaylo was taken there randomly seemed to up the creep factor.


“Dude that’s close to where I live. Now I’m scared,” another added.

Randonauting has taken people on all kinds of strange journeys over the past few months. In June, a group of teenagers even encountered a dead body while using the app. Later that month, another user found and took home a stray dog.

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