A pregnant woman claims she found out her baby’s sex while randonauting

A pregnant woman is going viral after sharing the “incredible” message she received when she asked an app about her unborn baby.

The mom-to-be shared the incident on Reddit. Writing under the username eskimo111695, she explained how she used the popular Randonautica app to ask a question about her child.

For the unfamiliar, Randonautica assigns users a random set of GPS coordinates, encouraging them to explore something new in their area. The app also allows users to add an “intention” — although it’s unclear exactly how that affects their random coordinates.

Eskimo111695 would probably beg to differ on that last point. The Redditor used her intention to ask the app whether she’s having a boy or a girl. The results left her “shocked.”

“I asked it to tell me if I’m having a boy or girl,” she wrote. “Our baby names were Savannah Ryleigh(middle name) or Delilah for girls…When I zoomed in at the street name I got chills. Then I peered to the right and see Riley… what the actual f… guess it’s a girl?!”

The app randomly gave eskimo111695 a set of coordinates right near “Delilah Circle,” a road that exactly matched one of her proposed girl’s names. Just a few streets over, she saw “Riley Signs,” a business containing her other name idea.

Eskimo111695 took the strange coincidence as a sign that she was in fact having a girl. It’s unclear if that’s true, but it seems like the mom-to-be has plenty to think about in the meantime.

Reddit users also seemed blown away by the post. Several shared their shock in the comments section.

“Woah this app is predicting baby sexes!!! I am convinced,” one user wrote.

“I like how it say’s ‘sign’ after Riley. It’s a ‘sign’ your’e having a girl,” another pointed out.

Eskimo111695 also added a few comments of her own, explaining that she’s due in March and will know the baby’s sex in September. She promised to return with an update.

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