Ranking the best worst 2020-themed Halloween costumes (so far)

Ah, fall. The season of pumpkin decor, the fuzzy sweaters, warm drinks and insanely questionable Halloween costumes. It’s a wonderful time of year.

Yes, whether Halloween is actually happening is up in the air, but that hasn’t stopped companies from releasing a slew of new topical costumes that in five years won’t make any sense (remember when everyone dressed up as Ken Bone?).

In anticipation for the upcoming cooler months, In The Know has ranked the worst Halloween costumes of 2020.

Postal babe

Credit: Yandy

Honor the USPS this Halloween with an outfit the employees certainly would never be able to wear on the job.

If you’re looking for a costume that screams “this country is falling apart!” while still looking cute, the postal babe costume comes with a short-sleeved blue shirt and navy mini shorts — because nothing says “bipartisan issue” more than a crop top.

Sexy mail-in ballot

Credit: Yandy

If you don’t want your message to get lost, Yandy is also offering a “mail-in ballot” costume made up of a white tube top dress with two “I Voted” stickers. Halloween is a little late in the game for mail-in ballots, but we appreciate the sentiment.

Ocean Spray cranberry juice skateboarding TikTok guy

Credit: Doggface

Nathan Apodaca went absolutely crazy viral in September for his calming TikTok where he’s skateboarding, sipping a full liter of cranberry juice and blasting Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” He could very well be the only positive thing that has happened this year, but this costume is not.

Tiger King Queen

Credit: Yandy

Remember when “Tiger King” was all anyone could talk about? Costume company Yandy’s “sassy” twist on the Netflix docuseries suggests perhaps nobody at the office finished it.

The costume comes complete with a glittery tiger print romper and high-cut faux denim bottoms with belt loops holding a detachable holster that attaches to a velcro garter. A stuffed tiger can be pinned to the top of your romper and if anyone is still confused as to who or what you’re supposed to be, luckily the getup comes with a neon pink hat that says it loud and clear (literally): “Tiger Queen.”

Credit: Yandy

Unfortunately, the insane denim boots are not included and were either the model’s take on what a Tiger Queen should look like, or they were just lying around the Yandy office.

‘Banned App’

Credit: Yandy

Whoever works at Yandy has been watching the news and thought of a way to bank on the TikTok ban by slapping a knock-off logo on a crop top, before finding out it’s not actually happening. The costume is made up of a matching long sleeve and high-waisted bottoms with “banned” on the back (the fishnet stockings are not included).

If your reaction to this costume is to say, “Wait, what?” don’t worry, Yandy’s description will turn it into a, “Wait, WHAT?”

It reads: “Uh oh, Are you starting to feel Supa Lonely? The clock is ticking, so get in sync!” You know, words that people say on TikTok.

Obviously, due to copyright reasons, the logo on the shirt isn’t real and will look insane to anyone unfamiliar with the original logo in the first place. Can’t you just hear your parents saying, “What does that mean? You hate music now?” God, will they ever understand you?

Credit: Yandy

Avocado Toast

Credit: Yandy

This isn’t 2020-specific, but I love that it just screams, “I have a BOYFRIEND and we are PROUD MILLENNIALS!”

Video Gamer Girl

Credit: Yandy

Thanks to quarantine, 2020 is unofficially the year of video games. From Animal Crossing to Twitch, everyone is hopping aboard the esports train.

Yandy, probably hearing that the esports industry is projected to rake in $1.1 billion in revenue this year, wanted to cash in on the trend and came up with a costume idea for people who have never played a video game in their life but maybe had a younger brother or boy cousin who did. Not wanting to tread on any copyright issues, they affectionately named her “video gamer girl.”

Video gamer girl has a red lamé bodysuit with a white tutu that’s belted to look like a Pokémon ball. Kinda. Luckily there’s an additional Pokémon ball bow that you can also point at when people ask you what you’re supposed to be.

“I’m a Pokémon, duh.”

More into having a spooky Halloween this year? Well, clowns are back.

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