What does ‘ratio’ mean on TikTok? It’s not the same as Twitter

Getting “ratioed” on TikTok is not the same as getting “ratioed” on Twitter

Here’s everything you need to know about the new TikTok lingo people are using to give their posts and comments a boost. 

What does “ratio” mean on TikTok? 

On TikTok a “ratio” request is a good thing. A user typically will leave a caption on their video with the phrase, “ratio me 1:1.” 

No need to be good at math to unlock the meaning here, fortunately. The slang is a call-to-action for people to “like” the video and the comment so that the ratio of likes to comments is the same. 

So a post with 500 video likes ideally would also have 500 comment likes when properly “ratioed.” 

Then there is the “ratio me 1:1:1:1” request. 

This is when a TikToker requests users equally “like” their video, their comment and three replies to the comment. 

This is quite different to “getting ratioed” on Twitter. The slang here refers to a tweet that is being so epically roasted it has more retweets (people resharing it only to mock it) than likes. 

What does it mean to “be ratioed’ on TikTok?

However, just like on Twitter you can be negatively “ratioed” on TikTok. Similarly, it’s when a TikTok video’s “likes” are fewer than the “likes” on one of the post’s comments. That reflects poorly on the TikTok poster because people “liked” the comment more than the content itself. 

How does a ratio thread happen on TikTok?

A ratio thread is when a bunch of TikTok users gather in a post to “like” the comments they deem worthy and leave the ones they dislike in obscurity. 

Easy right? No? Well, you don’t have to play, I guess.

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