Mom’s creepy ‘raw meat’ Rice Krispies Treats disgust and delight TikTok: ‘That looks too real’

Just in time for spooky season, a mom cooked up a creepy recipe for “raw meat” Rice Krispies Treats, and the stomach-churning results are going viral across TikTok.

Mom and TikToker Rachel (@rachplusfive) gained nearly 2 million views and 3,000 comments when she shared her delightfully disgusting recipe online.

Now, just like the toddler who disturbed her mom when she fell in love with a creepy zombie doll, the viral footage is getting everyone in the mood for Halloween!

In the video, Rachel takes viewers through each step as she makes her “raw meat” Rice Krispies Treats.

At first, it seems like an ordinary batch of marshmallow squares — but as Rachel begins to mix up chocolate-based “blood” and splatter it across empty styrofoam meat trays, it becomes clear that this is not your typical treat.

In the end, Rachel even goes so far as to print labels that read “HUMAN FLESH” and “ROAD KILL” (all certified USDA Organic, of course).

But Rachel didn’t stop at skin-crawling Rice Krispies!

With a little strawberry jam and some Pillsbury dough, this clever mom whipped up a batch of cinnamon roll “intestines” too!

Rachel’s tasty but terrifying desserts took TikTok by storm, as thousands shared and liked her spooky creations.

‘Halloween at your house must be a blast!’

TikTokers from around the world reacted to Rachel’s creepy desserts in the comments.

“Giiirrrrllll! This is so creative!” one user wrote.

“What?! This is genius,” another user commented.

“That looks too real, I couldn’t eat it,” wrote one user.

“This is AMAZING! Creepy as hell, but AMAZING! You did that!” lauded another.

“The human flesh label was the perfect touch,” observed one user.

“Halloween at your house must be a blast!” commented another.

Thanks to clever creators like Rachel, there’s no end in sight to all the spooky possibilities this Halloween season! Who knows what hilariously yucky dessert she might cook up next!

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