What is the ‘Reading Rainbow’ TikTok trend?

TikTokers are completely stumped in the hilarious Reading Rainbow trend. 

The classic PBS series debuted in 1983 to help kids get interested in literacy and subsequently ran for 21 seasons. Many Americans have vivid memories of the Reading Rainbow opening sequence.

It featured gentle lyrics like, “Butterfly in the sky / I can go twice as high / Just take a look / It’s in a book / a reading rainbow.” 

Now people are using the theme song to ironically express all the silly things that perplex them. The tune has been used in over 312,000 TikTok videos so far.

What is the Reading Rainbow trend on TikTok?

The funny trend is all about dramatically expressing your confusion or bewilderment at some of life’s problems and questions. In the meme, people juxtapose copies of their confused heads over an image of a flaming hot orb in space. 

Text captions describing moments they were completely stumped are also overlayed in each clip as the Reading Rainbow theme song plays. While the trend may sound completely convoluted, it’s pretty much right in line with TikTok’s offbeat sense of humor.  

“Me trying to figure out why the government knows exactly what my income tax is gonna but makes me do it myself and if I’m wrong it’s a felony,” @tessboudreau said in a video

“When someone is trying to explain the board game rules to me,” @homewithshelb wrote in her caption. 

“Me trying to understand how humans made electricity, airplanes and wifi from dirt and rocks,” @tacosupreme99 said in a clip

“Me tryna figure out how the corn I chewed on and swallowed comes back out in its original form,” @airforcesketchers wrote in a video

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