Real estate listing shows ‘terrifying’ placement of bed, draws anger from social media users

A British real estate listing turned heads after revealing the odd placement of a bed in a studio apartment.

On August 27, a Twitter user with the handle unfortunatalie shared a screenshot of the listing as it appeared on property website OnTheMarket before the post was taken down. A photo of the studio shows the bed positioned atop a stairwell and shelves fixed to the ceiling. Along with the image is a description that calls the apartment “a spacious and well converted top floor studio flat with South Facing double glazed windows.”

“[M]OvE tO tHe sOuTh tHe PoSsiBiLiTiEs aRe eNdLeSs,” the user sarcastically tweeted.

The residence, which is located on Pavilion Road in Worthing, was apparently listed for 125,000 pounds (which comes out to just over $167,000). Twitter users, however, were unamused.

“That bed is just terrifying,” one person tweeted.

“The place looks like a dump!” a second wrote.

Others shared similar horror listings. One user, for example, shared a photo of an apartment in which a bathtub — not a bed —was placed over a set of stairs.

Another shared listing photos of an outhouse in a person’s backyard.

All of that being said, count us among the many who aren’t impressed with several of the places the United Kingdom has to offer.

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