TikTok user claims the song ‘Stacy’s Mom’ was written about her grandmother

A TikTok trend that called on users to share the celebrities they’re secretly related to appears to have solved an age-old mystery involving one of the most iconic moms in pop culture.

TikToker @stacysmomsgranddaughter, whose username existed long before this prompt and seemingly spoiled the end of this sentence, claimed in a video that she is related to “Stacy’s Mom” — the subject of the infamous Fountains of Wayne song.

“Stacy’s mom has got it going on, she’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long,” the song goes, before describing the infatuation he had for his friend’s mother while growing up. Stacy is now all grown up, and her daughter appears to be old enough to dissect the song via TikTok.

“My grandmother is Stacy’s mom and my mom is Stacy,” @stacysmomsgranddaughter claimed in her video. “My grandmother was hot as f***, I can attest to that. And she still is, love you grandma.”

She said that Adam Schlesinger, the lead singer of Fountains of Wayne, was best friends with her mom and uncle back in the day.

In a follow-up video, she provided photographic proof to back up her claim.


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The user claimed that when her family asked Schlesinger about the origin of the song, he admitted that Stacy’s real-life mom was the subject and that it “started as a joke.”

Then, @stacysmomsgranddaughter pulled out yearbook photos she said featured her uncle with the band’s lead singer.

“I guess he had a thing for my grandma, which is weird … but became iconic,” she said.

She then showed off gorgeous pictures that she said showed her grandmother from “back in the day,” as well as a family photo where her mom was also present.

“Here she is, literally the main character,” @stacysmomsgranddaughter said. “She was just known to be attractive.”

Commenters confirmed that Stacy’s mom “did, in fact, have it going on.”

“She’s literally so pretty,” one user wrote.

“Stacy’s mom did have it going on. Stacy too. Beautiful family,” another said.

“I feel at peace knowing what Stacy’s mom looked like now,” a third remarked.

With more than 1 million views on her video, @stacysmomsgranddaughter is now a minted viral star just like her grandmother.

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