Here’s how to take TikTok’s ‘reality check’ personality quiz

TikTok users are dragging their own behavior with a scathing personality quiz. 

You may have seen the videos labeled as “Reality Check Quiz,” or its official name “Let Me F***ing Destroy You By Giving You A Reality Check.” You simply answer questions in the quiz just like you would any other, but it’s the results that are a bit harsh. 

What is the “Reality Check” personality quiz on TikTok?

Like Kate Gardiner whose result was “ur head is way too far up your a**.”

The questions included in the quiz range from pop culture to astrology. Like picking beloved television characters from shows like Buffy and Shameless or choosing between Harry Styles and Lana Del Rey. 

When you’re done just post the title card of the quiz that says “Let Me F***ing Destroy You By Giving You A Reality Check,” and then a screenshot of your results with a reaction. 

Some interesting results of the “Reality Check” personality quiz. 


This was 1000% accurate. That hurted😭 #fyp#personalityquiz

♬ original sound – brooke

The user @whozmanzz definitely got a hearty helping of reality when he was told “you’re not the victim and stop being so f***ing insecure all the f***ing time.” 

Meanwhile, Madison was told, “you’re a suck up that let’s everyone use then so people like you.” Ouch. 

Sav may have gotten one of the most brutal responses. Hers said, “you’re an a****** who prides themself for it and it’s not okay.” 

Yikes. Our turn!

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