Chick-fil-A customers are freaking out over a ‘crazy’ new chicken sandwich hack

If you haven’t heard of the “red bag chicken” at Aldi, you’re missing out.

At least, that’s according to TikTok. Users on the app are obsessed with the frozen chicken patties, which allegedly taste “just like” a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

In reality, the “red bag chicken” is a Kirkwood-branded product simply called Chicken Breast Filets. But the snack’s iconic, bright red bag has cemented its status among Aldi fans — who are very active on TikTok.

Then, of course, there’s the taste. Many TikTokers call it a major money-saving hack — claiming it’s essentially a cheaper, homemade version of Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwiches.

User @lanadillrey is one of those fans. The TikToker has drawn more than 2.7 million views on her video sharing the viral food item.

“This is Chick-fil-A in a bag. It’s all you need!” she says in her clip. “These are crazy.”


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As far as turning the snack into a Chik-fil-A sandwich, TikTokers have it down to a science. The consensus online seems to be that the red bag chicken tastes best when cooked in an air fryer. Then, you can slap it between a pair of Aldi-brand brioche buns.

The red bag chicken has become so popular that many Aldi fans have had trouble finding it. Some TikTokers created victorious videos of the moment they finally found — and cooked — the snack.


Aldi find 🚨##food

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As for TikTokers who haven’t had it yet, many expressed plenty of jealousy.

“Gotta try it,” one user wrote.

“Every time I go to Aldi they are sold out!” another added.

“I made them last night, they were delicious,” another wrote.

The red bag chicken is just the latest Chick-fil-A dupe to go viral on TikTok. Users have also been freaking out over a brand of frozen chicken nuggets from Costco, which allegedly taste exactly like those available at the chain.

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