Red Bull drops compilation of top male soccer players pulling off crazy stunts

The Red Bull Street Style World Final is back this year and the competition is stiff. 

Thanks to the pandemic, the competition, where soccer players flex their trick skills, is being held entirely online. That means any athlete from around the world was allowed to enter the competition by submitting a video — so it sounds like the stakes are even higher this year.

“This online season of Red Bull Street Style could not have come at a better time and it’s unique. There has never been a freestyle competition on this scale that’s online and open to everyone,” Steve Elias, president of the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) said in a statement. “We’re going to see all the top stars. And also discover new faces who never had a chance to enter before. It’s exciting.” 

Stage one of the competition is the selection process which was completed at the end of June. The WFAA chose 63 women and 200 men to move onto the next round where their best tricks will be performed to music. 

To get fans hyped for the ongoing contest, Red Bull dropped a compilation of the male contestants performing their dopest soccer moves. These football pros can juggle balls with their feet, keep a ball in air while doing flips and combine a kind of break dancing style to the classic sport. 

The five-stage competition will eventually whittle down the athletes to a smaller group for the final round on November 14.

“Finally, 16 men and eight women will face off in stage five, the battle of the online World Final, streamed live worldwide,” Red Bull said in a statement.

You can follow the competition WFFA’s Instagram

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