We tried TikTok’s famous ‘Red Bull Italian Soda’

Most coffee drinkers stand firmly on one side of the “cream vs. no cream” debate.

Red Bull drinkers, as far as this writer can tell, are not having the same argument. If you drink energy drinks, it goes without saying that you’re probably doing it without milk.

That’s what makes TikTok’s latest viral beverage so … confusing? The drink, called “Red Bull Italian Soda,” features plenty of caffeine, plenty of sugary syrup and just enough milk make plenty of users ask, “Why?”

Still, the concoction has gained popularity thanks to Lainey Cooley, a 25-year-old barista who shares videos of her coffee shop creations.


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To be clear, an Italian cream soda does usually feature milk; however, the drink traditionally comes with seltzer. The combination with Red Bull seemed to be why TikTok users had such strong feelings about the whole thing.

So, is it good? It’s hard to tell from watching a video, so In The Know set out to recreate the drink and try it ourselves.

How to make ‘Red Bull Italian Soda’

First up, ingredients. In addition to everything listed below, you’ll also need a stirring spoon, a syrup pump (optional) and, ideally, a 32-ounce, gas station-style cup.

First, add three pumps of green apple syrup into your very large cup. Then add the blue raspberry syrup, and top with both Red Bulls.

A quick warning here: There are approximately 150 milligrams of caffeine between those two cans of Red Bull. For comparison, an 8-ounce cup of coffee contains around 80-100 milligrams. All that’s to say, enjoy your drink in moderation — or at the very least, don’t try it after three cups of coffee (like this writer may or may not have done).

Next, add enough ice to the cup so your concoction is about an inch or so from the top of the cup. Then, fill it to the top with creamer and stir the whole thing until it looks like an episode of “Slime Time Live.”

So … is it good?

There are at least two reasons to assume this drink was going to be very, very bad — and they both give you wings. As this writer is not in middle school and was not halfway through an all-night Call of Duty marathon when mixing this drink, two Red Bulls sounded like a bad idea.

After one sip, though, it became clear that Red Bull Italian Soda is, in fact, not a bad idea. It’s actually an extremely delicious idea.

This beverage is shockingly good. It tastes like a creamsicle, and the frothy, foamy texture makes the whole experience really refreshing. Even if you’re grossed out by the fizzing, Shrek-green beverage sitting in front of you, it’s worth powering through and giving it a try.

Final verdict?

This drink is way better than advertised. It’s sweet, refreshing and in some ways, a perfect warm-weather beverage. The assembly is also fairly easy, provided you can get your hands on the syrup — which may have to be ordered online.

The only issue here is longevity. It probably depends on your mileage with Red Bull, but drinking 32 ounces of this drink seems like a tall — and stomachache-inducing — order.

A good suggestion might be to cut the entire recipe in half. That way, you can get all the same flavor, minus most of the regret.

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