TikTok users are applying red lipstick under their eyes for a genius reason

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Red lipstick is a staple in any makeup collection. But forget merely applying the classic shade to your pout. Smearing red lipstick under your eyes is actually a super popular makeup application hack — and for good reason. 

That “good reason” is based entirely in color theory. Since red cancels out green, blue and purple tones, makeup lovers turn to red lipstick as an under eye color corrector before concealer. It’s flawless in artistic theory, but does it truly work in practice?

In the newest episode of Pretty Beautiful, In The Know producer Lisa Azcona tries concealing her dark circles with red lipstick, inspired after the hack recently went viral on TikTok. This particular makeup application, however, has captured internet interest for years, with many crediting drag queens for originating and popularizing the technique.

To execute this genius hack, Lisa first smears the red lipstick under her eyes — as Lisa says, a creamy red lipstick with pretty neutral undertones often works best. Then, she goes in with a beauty sponge to blend out the lipstick as you would normal concealer. Next, she adds her favorite concealers on top, blending as normal. Lisa uses a creamy concealer first, then adds a heavier concealer on top to completely cover any lingering red tones. Finally, she seals it all in with a translucent powder.

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“At first, I was a little bit worried that the red lipstick would be too pigmented — and I also went a little bit overboard with how much I applied to my face,” Lisa says in the video. “But that didn’t seem to be a problem. I was able to cover it up nicely, which is great. Now you can’t even tell that I used red lipstick under my concealer.”

The final verdict? “It definitely got the job done, and it’s a useful way to repurpose your red lipstick,” Lisa says. 

After all, drag queens never lie.

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