Creative red, white and blue dishes to celebrate July 4th in style

If you’re planning an epic Fourth of July cookout this summer, don’t forget to add some red, white and blue dishes to your menu! Burgers and barbecue might be traditional Independence Day dishes, but red, white and blue foods are a great way to make your celebration even more festive. Here are five of the best colorful dishes for your July 4th party. 

1. Red, white and blue s’mores dip

This American flag s’mores dip gives the classic campfire snack a patriotic upgrade! To make it, TikToker @athomewithshannon starts by dipping marshmallows in water, then rolling them in red, white or blue sprinkles. Then she lines a baking sheet with chocolate bars and places the red, white and blue marshmallows on top, arranging them in the shape of an American flag. Finally, she bakes the dish until the marshmallows and chocolate begin to melt and adds a side of graham crackers for dipping.

2. Red, white and blue smoothie bowl

This smoothie bowl is as healthy as it is festive! TikToker @nicole_thenomad starts by blending milk, bananas, mango, coconut and blue spirulina. In addition to being full of antioxidants and nutrients, the blue spirulina turns the entire smoothie light blue. Next, @nicole_thenomad garnishes the smoothie with strawberries, bananas and white yogurt chips to turn the smoothie red, white and blue.

3. Three-ingredient red, white and blue pie

This patriotic berry pie might just be the only thing more American than apple pie. It’s also surprisingly easy to make! TikToker @lifewithpaigenicole starts by sectioning off one corner of a store-bought pie crust using an L-shaped piece of folded aluminum foil. Then she pours cherry pie filling into the larger area of the pie crust and blueberry pie filling into the smaller, sectioned-off area. When she finishes filling the pie, she removes the aluminum foil and sets it aside. Then she cuts a second pie crust into stars and stripes, places them on top of the pie in the shape of a flag and bakes the pie. 

4. Red, white and blue salad


Fried Chicken w/ Red White & Blue Salad for #dinner Recipe on my channel! #july4th #yummy

♬ original sound – Mrs. Dee Penda

Looking for a savory red, white and blue dish? Try this red, white and blue salad! Start with a base of mixed greens, then add roasted beets, goat cheese and blueberries to turn the salad red, white and blue. TikToker @mrs_dee_penda finishes the salad with a mustard vinaigrette and serves it with fried chicken for the perfect Fourth of July dinner.

5. Red, white, and blue layer cake

This red, white and blue layer cake is full of surprises — literally! The cake is hollowed out in the middle and filled with red, white and blue sprinkles, so that when you cut into it the sprinkles pour out. To make it, TikToker @juliagoldsmith100 uses a cup to cut a hole in the middle of each cake layer, then stacks the layers and adds sprinkles. Then she frosts the entire cake in red, white and blue icing.

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