Boss gets mad that employee ignores their call while on vacation: ‘I should be allowed to take a break’

An entry-level worker ignored their boss’ texts over vacation and is now in trouble at work over it. 

They asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. The worker puts in an extra 10 to 20 hours of overtime a week. They scheduled a week-long vacation but didn’t plan on traveling. 

When their boss found out, the boss made it clear they were expected to be on-call during their vacation. The boss had a pattern of expecting the employee to work on days off. 

“I would always try to refuse but my boss would guilt trip or intimidate me into working,” the Reddit poster explained

But they were finally fed up during this vacation. They received tons of messages from their boss and ignored them all. But when they returned, their boss was furious. 

“My boss immediately called a team meeting to criticize me and told me that I abandoned my duty during an emergency,” they wrote. “I feel that if I’m on vacation, I should be allowed to take a break.” 

People felt the boss had no boundaries. 

“YOUR time is YOUR time, not theirs,” a person wrote

“Your boss sucks,” another said

“This was your vacation, whether you left town or not,” someone commented

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