Woman raises concerns after meeting boyfriend’s ‘extremely attractive’ co-worker: ‘I don’t want to be jealous’

A 19-year-old is struggling with jealousy issues over her 20-year-old boyfriend’s co-worker. 

She asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. Her boyfriend frequently hangs out with his new co-worker. While the Reddit poster doesn’t want to be jealous, she noted that the co-worker looks like a “model.” Moreover, her boyfriend hangs out with his co-worker whenever his girlfriend can’t meet up with him. 

“My boyfriend got a new job about two months ago,” she explained. “The first day he worked there, he went to the gym with his new co-worker. He asked me beforehand if it would make me uncomfortable if he went with her, and I said it was fine. It was sweet of him to ask, and I didn’t want to seem jealous. 

“Then, a week later or so, I got to meet her at his job, and she’s crazy good-looking. She looks like the Instagram models, but in real life, like the best-looking I’ve ever seen. And since then, they’ve started working out two times a week and play tennis twice a week as well.”

No matter how much her boyfriend reassured her, she couldn’t shake her feelings. 

“He has checked in on me a few times, but I don’t want to be jealous or controlling,” she said. “Now, it’s like he hangs out with her any day he’s not with me. [My boyfriend and I] usually hang out every weekend, and I’m busy during the week with soccer.

“If I cancel plans, he always hangs out with her instead. I’ve asked about it, and he says he wishes he could hang out more with me, but it’s fun to be with her when I’m not available. I still feel jealous, and I don’t know how to deal with it.”

Redditors didn’t think her boyfriend was up to anything.

“Communicate with him. He has asked you multiple times if you were OK with this, and you have lied,” a person advised

“If she’s really attractive, she is probably used to being hit on a lot. It’s probably nice for her to have a male friend that she’s confident isn’t catching feelings because he has a girlfriend already,” another suggested.

“If you think he’s being trustworthy, then there’s no problem,” someone commented

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