Girlfriend is furious when boyfriend doesn’t wrap her Christmas gift: ‘It’s about the effort’

A man disappointed his girlfriend when he didn’t wrap her Christmas gift. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. He recently started a new job and has been swamped with training. He and his girlfriend plan on being out of town for Christmas, so they exchanged gifts early. 

She gave him his presents wrapped nicely with themed paper and bows. He ordered her present online months in advance, but it didn’t arrive until later.

“When I gave her her present, I apologized for the fact that it wasn’t wrapped and explained that I had had been too tired from work recently to get anything to wrap it with,” he wrote

She played it off as if she were happy. But he could tell that “something was off” the whole night. 

“Before I went home, she admitted that she felt like me not wrapping her gift was proof that I don’t put as much effort into our relationship as her,” he wrote

Redditors thought he should have put in the extra work. 

“Dude it’s about the effort,” a person commented

“This is why God invented gift bags,” another said

“I don’t believe wrapping a gift shows you care,” someone added

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