Boyfriend ‘refuses’ to share food with girlfriend: ‘Order your own’

A boyfriend is fed up with having to share food with his girlfriend. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. She has a habit of saying she doesn’t want any food, then asking for some immediately after. While at first, he thought it was cute, he’s over it now. 

He has spoken to her about it before, but she usually apologizes, stops temporarily, then starts again. Recently, the issue came up again when he ordered takeout for himself. 

“I was ordering some takeout and asked her if she wanted anything, and she said no, so I went ahead just ordered for myself,” he wrote

But as soon as the food arrived, she asked him to share. He was hungry and refused. He suggested she make her own food or order her own meal. She called him a jerk and said a “bite or two wouldn’t hurt,’ but he “still refused” out of principle.

Now, their relationship is on the rocks. She’s giving him the silent treatment, and he’s wondering if he should have just given her a bite. 

“I honestly don’t get that game some people play. Order your own food, I’m not sharing mine,” a Redditor wrote

“It’s fine if you know you’ll be sharing in advance, but I can see why this is no longer endearing,” another said

“What she is doing is annoying and rude, especially since you specifically asked her to stop,” a person added

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