Bride faces major backlash after arriving an hour late to her own wedding: ‘The entire ceremony was a mess’

A bride’s procrastination tendencies are being blamed for her dysfunctional wedding

Her wife shared what happened in Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum. The Reddit poster just wanted to vent about how much of a “mess” the ceremony is. The entire wedding unraveled because the Reddit poster’s fiancee didn’t follow through on any of the wedding planning. 

“My wife and I (same-sex couple) got married on Saturday and it’s safe to say the ceremony was an absolute disaster,” the Reddit poster said. “My wife is a serial procrastinator. I had to practically force her to help with any planning at all in the 17 months before the month of the wedding. I did almost 90% of the planning.”

“She ordered her dress online 2 weeks before the wedding. Amazingly, it arrived on time. [I asked her to] help me pick a photographer. She said she would handle it. She didn’t. [She] never told me what flowers she wanted, so I could never organize with a florist what flowers to order. We bought our bouquets from the local grocery store the night before the wedding.” 

The procrastinating bride dropped the ball on numerous things. She didn’t hire a translator for her non-English-speaking family members. She didn’t buy or make an arbor. She refused to practice for the couple’s first song (instead of the first dance). She forgot to oversee the chairs and decorations. She even skipped her hair appointment and wrote her vows the morning of. 

“The ceremony was meant to start at 3:30 p.m,” the Reddit poster wrote. “My wife ended up arriving at 4:30 p.m. an hour after the ceremony was meant to start and at the end of the time we had booked for the venue. Waiting for my wife to arrive was excruciating. I kept phoning asking where she was and she’d say, ’10 minutes away’… for an hour and a half. She was so late because she was still trying to build the arbor despite having no way of transporting it, and because she had not written her vows yet.”

“The entire ceremony was a mess. The saving grace to the entire wedding was that the reception was absolutely BOMB. Now that it’s all over and I’m on my honeymoon, I’m kinda trapped between two mindsets of being pretty pissed at how things happened and how we missed out on doing so many of the things we wanted because my wife did not organize a single thing she said she would organize.” 

People couldn’t believe how the procrastinator conducted herself. 

“That is some next-level poor behavior,” someone commented

“She needs to step up to the plate,” another wrote

“It sounds like there wasn’t much enthusiasm for the wedding on your wife’s side at all,” a person said

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