Man slams couple for ‘purposely excluding’ friend from their party: ‘Good for you for putting your foot down’

A woman is no longer pretending to be friends with someone she’s known for seven years.

She told Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum the issue. Although “B” is 27, he “acts like a child” and has shown up uninvited for years.

B pranked a friend by stealing his wallet at a bar, for example. When people call him out, “he acts like he’s the victim.”  

When she and her boyfriend threw a house party, she decided to exclude B. But B found out and texted her boyfriend. In the past, her boyfriend didn’t want to cause drama by making him feel “purposely excluded.” But now that they had their own home, they were over it. 

“This time my boyfriend actually agreed with me and told him that he couldn’t come,” she wrote

But now B is complaining to their mutuals about being excluded. She doesn’t think she should bend over backward to invite someone she dislikes. 

“When exactly am I allowed to not invite people I don’t like to my own house?” she said

Redditors thought she had every right to exclude B. 

“Good for you for putting your foot down,” a user said

“It sounds like excluding B is long overdue,” a person added

“You shouldn’t entertain people who make you uncomfortable,” another wrote

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