Dad doesn’t force kids to be quiet when pregnant wife has a headache: ‘It’s the children’s home’

A father is being called out for refusing to teach his kids “compassion for others.” 

The dad wrote into Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. His wife is seven months pregnant and he has two children, ages five and eight, from a previous marriage

His wife gets headaches so severe they require painkillers. However, she expresses that they don’t work. One day when she had a headache, the children were playing loudly while the father was working from home

His wife asked him to tell his kids to quiet down but he refused.

“She’s upset but the way I see it is it’s the children’s home?” he wrote. “They’re playing, what am I meant to say ‘my wife has a headache go read a book?'” 

Redditors believed it was the father’s responsibility to parent his two children while his pregnant wife wasn’t feeling well. 

“Is he seriously asking ‘what does she want me to do, be a parent to my children?’” someone commented

“Refusing to teach your kids empathy makes you an AH,” another wrote

“Teach your kids some compassion for others,” a person said

“Stop having kids if you’re unwilling to be a parent,” a user added

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