Woman is ‘heartbroken’ when mom’s boyfriend throws away dog’s ashes: ‘Mean and vindictive’

A woman yelled at her mom’s boyfriend after he threw out her beloved dog’s ashes. 

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her dog passed away, and she was completely “heartbroken.” Her mom agreed to pick up her dog’s ashes on her way home from work. 

The weekend before the agreement, however, she and her mother’s boyfriend had a disagreement. She and her mom were both cooking in the kitchen at the same time. 

“She asked him to check it to see if it was done, so he told me to move,” the Reddit poster explained. “I told him I would in a minute as I was flipping the food and didn’t want it to burn.” 

He got upset and went off on her about how he “shouldn’t have to wait for anything as it’s his house.” Then he stormed off into his room. 

Days later, when she went to pick up the dog’s ashes, her mom told her through tears that her boyfriend had thrown them out. 

“When her bf got home I went crazy, I cursed him up one wall and down the other, I questioned his manhood, called him names,” she explained. “I was downright rude.” 

Her mom thinks she went overboard, even if he deserved it, and he hasn’t spoken to her since.

Redditors felt the boyfriend had it coming. 

“Sue him in civil court for the theft of property,” someone suggested

“Boyfriend sounds mean and vindictive,” another commented

“Your mother should break up with the control freak,” a person added

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