Employee refuses to switch vacation days to accommodate coworkers with kids: ‘Not your problem’

A worker is refusing to switch their vacation time to accommodate coworkers with children

They shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The employee works for a company that installs, tests and monitors custom products. Recently, they had a three-week project for a customer out of state. 

The team took turns flying back home to visit their families. But the Reddit poster volunteered not to rotate since they’re single with no family. This meant they worked for three weeks straight. 

As a reward, the worker was given a week’s paid time off for Christmas. The issue is that their coworkers will have to be on-call and fly out at a moment’s notice during the holiday. 

“When they found out I had that week off, they started to try to get me to switch,” the poster wrote. “Some tried to bribe me with food and other stuff while others tried to beg.” 

Another coworker even claimed it was her grandmother’s last Christmas. 

“I’m feeling really bad about it but I’ve turned them all down,” the Reddit poster explained. “I don’t have anything to do or anyone to spend Xmas with but I worked for 3 straight weeks and am burnt out.” 

People didn’t think the onus was on the employee to resolve the issue. 

“If your coworker has a family emergency she needs to talk to her supervisor and work it out,” a person said

“You did the work, you got a reward. Being single doesn’t mean you’re less deserving,” another commented

“This is so not your problem,” someone added

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