Woman weighs expensive face wash every day to catch roommate secretly using it: ‘Normal people wouldn’t do that’

A woman is feuding with her roommate over a special wash. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She has sensitive acne-prone skin and uses an expensive face wash that’s also hard to find. Her roommates are aware of her face wash. 

Recently, she noticed that her face wash was dwindling more quickly than usual. She also clocked the fact that the roommate she shares a bathroom with hadn’t purchased a new face wash in a while. 

When she was going on vacation, she weighed the cleanser to know if someone else was using it for sure. 

“When I left the face wash weighed 8.3 oz. When I got back it was 6.9 ounces,” she explained

She confronted her roommate, but her roommate denied it. But when she revealed that she weighed it, her roommate turned “beet red.” 

“Now she’s been avoiding me for days,” the Reddit poster wrote. “But she told my roommates I’m a psycho, controlling a****** for weighing it, and says normal people wouldn’t do that.” 

Redditors felt the roommate was completely out of line. 

“She’s angry because she’s been exposed for a thief, that’s all,” a person commented

“The solution is to not lie. Not to get mad at you for catching them,” another said

“She’s mad she got caught. It’s not normal to use somebody else’s stuff and lie about it,” a person added

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