Fiancee refuses to change ‘super revealing’ Halloween costume plans: ‘This has never been a problem before’

A woman with body image issues could not believe her fiance’s reaction to her Halloween costume. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her self-image didn’t become an issue in her four-year relationship — until she started to get some confidence back. When she decided to wear a Renaissance-style costume that she felt beautiful in, he disapproved.

“I have a problem with self image myself and I never dress to show skin. Baggy T-shirts and sweat pants are my go to,” she wrote. “Therapy has helped me though a lot of barriers regarding getting over not liking my body.” 

The couple plans on going to a bar crawl for Halloween. Feeling more confident, she decided to step out of her comfort zone. She ordered a Renaissance “long cream dress and a bodice that wraps around my waist enhancing my chest area.” 

She had never worn anything like it before and felt it was a step in a positive direction. But when her fiance saw her wearing it, he didn’t have the response she wanted. 

“The look on his face was devastating to my self esteem and what he’s said after completely caught me off guard. He told me that I looked like I was trying too hard and that I needed to cover up more if he was going to go out in public with me,” she wrote. 

“I cried and quickly left the room to change out of my costume. I didn’t understand and I was very angry since this has never been a problem before.” 

Afterward, her fiance continued to insist she return the costume. But she put her foot down. 

Redditors thought the fiance was too controlling. 

“Don’t let your man determine how beautiful you are. Do something to love yourself more. Rock your Halloween dress and then buy something sezy to wear more often. Maybe not super revealing, but something to enhance what you already have. It’s worth it!” a user wrote

“Your partner likes you to be insecure and have low self-esteem,” another said

“Your boyfriend seems controlling,” a Reddit commented. 

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