Man’s friend asked him to co-sign a home loan and now wants to move in with him

A man offered to let his friend live in his new home, but now he’s having second thoughts.

The man took to Reddit’s “Friendship” forum to vent about the situation and ask his fellow Redditors for some words of wisdom.

The man, who is 23 years old, sets the stage by explaining that, until recently, he lived with his mom. He also has a girlfriend, who is 24 years old. Recently, the man’s friend approached him and asked the man to co-sign a home loan for him. The man was hesitant but said he’d consider it. 

After seeking professional advice, the man decided not to co-sign his friend’s home loan. Instead, he decided to purchase a home of his own to live in with his girlfriend.

“I bought a fixer upper but it all worked out,” the man wrote. “There’s a bunch of work to do.”

When the man’s friend found out, he asked if he could live in the man’s new home. The man told his friend he could stay, on the condition that he pay $400 a month in rent and help with home renovations.

The friend agreed to the deal, and the author told him he could move in once renovations were finished. “I [hadn’t] even opened the door to the house and he and his girlfriend were packed and ready to go,” the man recalled. 

However, things started to go poorly almost immediately. Though the friend helped with a few projects initially, he quickly began refusing to help with the renovations.

“All my friend and his girlfriend have done was help us move the old owner’s stuff to the garage and rip out the carpet,” the man explained. “I myself painted the ceiling, mudded the walls, hauled all the trash to the dump, bought all the materials, and I’ve still got a bunch of work to do on the subfloor.”

Not only that, but the friend has started to complain about how long the renovations are taking to complete. The man is so frustrated with his friend’s behavior that he’s now considering disinviting him from moving into his house.

“I don’t want him to live with me since he really showed me his true colors this past month,” the man explained. “As for his situation, I don’t know what to tell him.”

Reddit took the author’s side and advised him not to let his friend move in.

“Don’t let him move in as he won’t pay you when the time comes,” one Redditor wrote. “He only wants the room so then you would have to go through getting him evicted, which could take months.”

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