Friend asks for re-gifted necklace back after finding out it’s expensive: ‘Sorry life doesn’t work like that’

A woman doesn’t want to return a gift her friend gave her. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her friend Michelle gifted her a necklace during her pregnancy back in 2021. When pandemic restrictions loosened, her sister, who she hadn’t seen in years, visited to help with the baby

Her sister happens to be a jeweler and thought the necklace might be expensive. After some digging, it turns out to be worth thousands. Somehow, the news got back to Michelle, who is now demanding the necklace back. 

“She apparently had been gifted the necklace as well from a relative but also thought it was cheap, and I replied back that I intended to keep it,” she wrote

Now Michelle claims that the necklace was hers first and is calling the Reddit poster “selfish.” 

“Sorry life doesn’t work like that. NTA. Keep it,” a user wrote

“Do not give it back. Once you are given a gift, it’s rightfully YOUR property,” another said

“She gave it away..her loss,” a person commented

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