Girlfriend moves out after boyfriend asks her to split rent: ‘It’s all so juvenile’

A woman dumped her boyfriend after he accused her of being a gold digger. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum to weigh in. Her boyfriend makes $200,000 a year, but she is in grad school and has no time to work. Her mom supports her otherwise. 

Recently, her boyfriend insisted they move in together. She insisted she couldn’t afford half his rent, which was $5,000. But he insisted that she live with him for free. 

Eventually, she agreed. But after she moved in, he started asking her for half of the rent. Apparently, he changed his tunes because his friends all told him she was a gold digger. She called his bluff and found an apartment with roommates in her price range ($800). 

After she moved out, he insisted she move back in and pay him $800. Following feedback from Reddit, she dumped him, blocked him along with his “idiot friends,” and is “going to enjoy being single and never relying on a man financially ever again.” 

Redditors felt the boyfriend was being immature. 

“It’s all so juvenile,” a person wrote

“I would question why you would want to date someone who is so easily influenced by his friends uninformed opinions of you,” another said

“He’s easily manipulated by his friends and goes back on his word pretty quickly,” someone added

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