Man is furious when girlfriend refuses to learn French for his family: ‘She didn’t respect me’

A 27-year-old man expects his girlfriend to learn French even though he doesn’t speak French. He isn’t sure why she won’t agree. 

He shared the issue on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His parents moved to the U.S. from France before he was born. He never learned French because he “found it boring” and, as an adult, it’s too “difficult.” 

His girlfriend of six months is learning to speak Spanish and Korean. But when he demanded she “start learning French” before meeting his family, she refused.

“I said that languages are easy for her and she should do it so my family likes her,” he explained. “She told me to learn it myself and shes not doing it.” 

He then insulted her and told her that while learning languages is hard for him, it isn’t for her. After she told him off and ignored him for a few days, he broached the subject again. 

“I was mad, I told her she didn’t respect me nor my family,” he wrote

He told her she could not expect to be a part of his family if she didn’t learn “our language.” 

“She wasn’t happy and told me to g f myself,” he explained

People in the comments echoed his girlfriend’s sentiment. 

“You can’t learn the language your parents speak in 27 years but you call her TA for not doing it in a couple months?” a user wrote.

“I hope his gf dumps him,” another said

“You have _chosen_ twice to not learn your parents’ native tongue. Once as a child, because it was boring, and once as an adult because it was difficult,” a person added. 

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