Man is upset when girlfriend asks to spend Christmas with her baby’s father: ‘This relationship is just about over’

A man doesn’t want his girlfriend of three months to spend Christmas with her “baby daddy.” 

He explained the issue on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. His girlfriend has a 2-year-old son. She claims to “hate” the father and calls him a “deadbeat” who doesn’t spend time with his son. 

However, her son’s father has recently wanted to spend more time with the toddler.

“The other day they were FaceTiming and she went to the basement and talked for over an hour until I got up and left,” he wrote

The father was supposed to take the toddler on Christmas for a couple of days. But after discovering the Reddit poster and his girlfriend had plans, he refused to take his son.

“Next couple days she told me he asked if he can come over Christmas and sleep over Christmas Eve to see the son open his gifts that she got for the son,” he explained

He told her he didn’t feel comfortable with that. She then suggested her son’s father just come on Christmas morning. He also disapproved of that.

“She says I wish you’d trust me. It’s not that I do t trust her I think its disrespectful and outta line,” he stated. “I don’t try to stop the dad from seeing his son. But don’t want my girlfriend and him talking.” 

Redditors thought the ex was trying to get back in her life. 

“Her ex sounds controlling because he did not care to be involved until she had a new man,” someone commented

“He doesn’t want her back, he just doesn’t want her to have anyone else in her life,” another wrote

“I hope you see that this relationship is just about over,” a person added. 

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