Boyfriend refuses to go to girlfriend’s family’s Thanksgiving because of her sister: ‘Stop wasting her time’

A college student doesn’t want to visit the family of the girl he’s dating over Thanksgiving. 

He explained his issue on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He is dating his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister. He used to date his ex in high school, but they never slept together and broke up when they graduated. The ex is now married and has a kid

Her sister went to his college. They became friends and have evolved into something more, although they are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend. 

They’re driving together to their hometown for the break and spending the holiday with their respective families. However, she wants him to come over and visit. 

“Our families do not know we are dating and until we are sure I don’t think they need to know,” he wrote

His girlfriend doesn’t think it’s a big deal and is giving him the silent treatment — but he doesn’t want to see his “ex or her dad, husband, or kid.”

Redditors shared their advice with the student.

“If you like her, go along. Otherwise you are sending the message that you are ashamed to be going out with her,” a person advised

“If you don’t want to have a real relationship with her, stop wasting her time and tell her,” a user wrote.  

“You can’t avoid her family indefinitely if it’s serious,” another said

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