Groomsman calls out groom’s ‘extremely expensive’ wedding plans: ‘Don’t go into debt for someone else’s wedding’

A man is upset about the rising costs of his friend’s wedding

He asked Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum to weigh in. The Reddit poster doesn’t feel like the bride and groom are being considerate about the financial commitments necessary for the wedding. After the costs entered the thousands, he wasn’t sure what he should do. 

“My close friends are getting married,” he explained. “It’s my first wedding as an adult, as well as for a lot of other people attending. We’re all in our early-mid 20s and just a couple of years out of college, so we’re not swimming in cash. I wasn’t asked to be a groomsman I was told I was going to be a groomsman.”

“It was assumed I would be going to the bachelor party. And I’m happy to be a groomsman and I am happy to be a part of the bachelor party, but as we get closer to these events it’s become extremely expensive. I was initially told that the bachelor party would be no more than $400 for an Airbnb. However, it’s now $750.”

The more time elapsed the more expenses for the wedding seemed to pile up. 

“The plane tickets were outrageous,” he wrote. “We all live in the same part of the state, but the venue is a 3-hour drive away in a random town. To stay two nights there is $700, but luckily I’m splitting it with a friend and paying $350. The suit for the groomsmen is $250. And then there’s the present for them, the cost to get to the venue, the amount of cash dropped to go out at the bachelor party.”

“This whole situation is going to cost me at the very least $2,000 but most likely closer to $2,500. I don’t think I’m too far off from matching how much he paid for the wedding ring. If all these costs were upfront I would’ve appreciated it, but instead, they’ve been staggered throughout the past 6 months.”

Redditors believed he had every right to be concerned. 

“Do not go into debt for someone else’s wedding,” someone commented

“Tell your friend you just don’t have the money to do it. He should understand,” another wrote

“Don’t go if you’re not feeling it,” a person suggested

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