Mom is horrified to discover husband has been making bottles slowly on purpose: ‘I would never look at my partner the same’

A woman was shocked when she learned through the grapevine that her husband had been intentionally taking his sweet time making bottles for their hungry baby.

The enraged mom shared the story in the subreddit r/Mommit, where her post received over 1,600 upvotes and 300 comments.

Now, much like the wife who was devastated by her husband’s bizarre surrogacy request, Redditors are urging this mom to heed her partner’s red flags.

She begins her post with the question, “What’s that called — weaponized incompetence?”

She goes on to explain, “We used to swap who got up to get a bottle and who stayed in bed to soothe baby. He’s in a bedside sleeper, so we just pull him in bed with us while he eats. He gradually gets louder and more pissed the longer it takes to make one.

“Well, this motherf***** has been stalling in the kitchen, taking forever to make a bottle [so] that I get overwhelmed with screamo in bed — so I’ll turn around and WANT to be the one to get out of bed every time. And he gets to stay in bed all night, and it was MY choice.”

She continues, “1. That’s diabolical, and I’m honestly impressed he came up with that. (And suspicious.) 2. I have no idea how I feel about being manipulated.”

Many Redditors wanted to know how exactly the poster discovered her husband was deliberately taking his time in the kitchen. “He told [our] brother-in-law, who told his wife (husband’s sister), who told me,” she explained.

He doesn’t respect you…”

Redditors were enraged on behalf of the mom — and her baby boy.

“Not only is he putting his own needs above yours. He’s letting his baby get hungry enough to become really upset ON PURPOSE. He does not have your interest or your baby’s interest at heart. Huge red flag with surround sound alarms going off,” one user wrote.

His behavior is malicious. She birthed the baby, and he feels entitled and refuses to help her in any way. Sounds misogynistic, too,” commented another.

Instead of playing his game, she needs to leave him. He doesn’t respect you,” another user wrote.

“That is atrocious behavior. I am so sorry. You deserve better,” commented another.

The mom replied to a few of the comments, explaining that she won’t be letting her husband’s confession go unpunished.

“I plan on explaining what he’s actually doing to [our baby] in a way that he feels like the worst abusive father there’s ever been,” she wrote. “I’m gonna attack his fatherhood where it hurts more … He’s going to regret this.”

Hopefully, the poster and her husband can find a peaceful and healthy resolution — and their baby boy gets his bottles in a timely manner moving forward.

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