Husband refuses to serve wife’s cooking to their kids: ‘They can get food poisoning’

A husband is under fire for refusing to let his kids eat his wife’s cooking

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He and his wife have two children. His wife owns a bakery and takes care of the house, kids and chores. 

When he got home from work one day, dinner was already made. He began to plate the food and noticed the chicken “looked a bit pink.” 

His wife told him it was fine. 

“I told her I’m not letting them eat this if it’s pink, she told me to stop being a baby and it won’t kill them,” he wrote. “I kept telling her it’s pink in the middle they shouldn’t eat that they can get food poisoning and that’s it’s dangerous.” 

She told him to make them dinner if he didn’t want to serve them her food. So he made the kids cheese and ham toasties. 

“She told me she isn’t talking to me if I think her cooking is horrible. I don’t think it’s horrible I just didn’t want our kids eating that,” he explained

People felt the husband handled the situation poorly. 

“Dude. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stop being such a drama queen,” a person commented

“Why didn’t you just put the chicken back in the oven?” a user asked

“YTA for massively overcomplicating this,” another wrote

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