Woman turns down invite to hang out with wife’s friends because of their jobs: ‘I feel extremely left out’

A woman feels left out of social gatherings because she doesn’t work in the same field as her wife.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her wife, a doctor, is close friends with her coworkers. Whenever the wife and coworkers get together, they speak endlessly about work. 

“Whenever we gather for this meal, there’s only medical talk and I feel extremely left out,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I have tried to actively change the topic a few times.” 

But whenever she tries to switch up the conversation, the group directs it back to work and medicine. Now, her wife expects her to attend another gathering, but she refuses. 

“I can tell that she’s upset. I have this horrible feeling that I’ve ruined her time with her friends and feel like a terrible person,” the Reddit poster said. “Did I do something wrong?” 

Redditors felt she had every right not to go if she felt excluded. 

“It doesn’t sound like any of them, including your wife, has made an effort to make you feel included,” a user said.

“Your wife can go by herself,” another commented.  

“Couples are allowed to spend time apart,” a person added

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