Man faces major dilemma after making discovery about the woman he’s been dating: ‘Should I tell her husband?’

A man isn’t sure what to do after discovering the woman he was dating is married.

After going on a few dates with an older woman, he ran into her at a local restaurant — where she was with her husband. Now he isn’t sure if it’s his place to tell her spouse. He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in.

“Me 25M have been seeing a 39F women,” he wrote. “I met her while walking my dog at a park and she asked to pet it. I asked for her number and I even asked her if she single, which she said yes. I actually thought she was younger. We’ve been on 2 dates and they’ve ended with us just kissing. It’s never gotten passed that.”

“Today I ordered pick up from a restaurant close to my house. I walk in and the order wasn’t quite ready so I sit down and wait and get on my phone. I look up and immediately catch her eyes staring at me hard. She tried to look away but I waved and she gave me death stare. I didn’t get it so I walked up to her and saw a guy sitting in front of her.”

“I guess he saw her looking my way so he turned around too and started looking at me. That’s when I understood what was going on and walked passed them like I was going to the bathroom. When I got outside, I texted her and asked what the hell that was.” 

“She responded later that night. She came clean and asked me not to message her anymore. I’m no Saint but should I tell her husband on her. ? He seems to take really good care of her. She has really expensive jewelry and clothes and drives an almost new Audi. So I know he takes care of her.” 

People had mixed opinions on what the poster should do. 

“I am married and if my wife went on a couple of dates and kissed a guy, then came to her senses and knocked it […] off, I would 100% prefer to never know about that,” a user wrote

“You should always tell on a cheater,” another commented

“I’d leave it be, dude. You don’t know the husband, and you obviously don’t know the wife. Luckily, you didn’t get in too deep with her, so take it as a lesson and move on,” a TikToker said

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