Man refuses to refund friend after she mixed up party dates: ‘Her poor planning is not my problem’

A man is at odds with his friend Mara over a deposit for a birthday party. 

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He was throwing a birthday party for his and Mara’s mutual friend. That party required a private room that cost $2,000. This meant each attendee had to pay $80 to $90 to book the room. 

Two days before he paid for the room, he let everyone who contributed know so he could get the go-ahead. Everyone, including Mara, signed off.

But after he paid, Mara realized she couldn’t attend the party due to a scheduling conflict. 

Now Mara wants her money back. The issue is he can’t get the money back since he used it to pay for the room. Mara thinks that he should give her the money because he comes from a well-off family.

“Her poor planning is not my problem and just because I technically can afford to pay her doesn’t mean I should,” he wrote.

People on Reddit agreed that this was Mara’s mistake to live with. 

“Sometimes deposits you put down on things aren’t refundable. Time for Mara to learn this,” a user said

“If she bails, that’s on her,” another commented

“She messed up by mixing up the dates. That’s on her,” someone wrote. 

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