Woman doesn’t want mother-in-law to bring soda to family dinners: ‘It is kind of offensive’

A woman is annoyed that her mother-in-law brings soda to dinner. 

She explained the issue on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She only serves water, tea, coffee and sparkling water with dinner, so her mother-in-law brings a bottle of soda when she attends dinner. 

“I think it impolite not just to drink what you are offered as a guest,” she explained. “And I feel it is kind of offensive that she feel the need to bring her own soda.”

The Reddit poster doesn’t think drinking soda is appropriate for a weekday evening but is, rather, something for a party or celebration. Culturally, she did not grow up drinking soda on a regular basis. 

“I still feel like her bringing her own soda is implying that I should be serving soda,” she wrote. “Which makes me feel like a bad host.” 

Redditors didn’t think the issue was all that big of a deal.

“Who cares? I mean really, is there so little in your life that this could be an issue?” a user wrote

“Where I’m from, soda at dinner is not the standard. […] Bringing your own because you can’t go without is seen as a bit vulgar,” another wrote

“It’s not some personal affront to you that she likes to drink soda at dinner,” a TikToker replied

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