Mom doesn’t want to waste her ‘valuable time’ going to son’s school: ‘Kids need to learn responsibility’

A stay-at-home mom doesn’t think it’s her job to drop off her son’s homework or backpack every time he forgets it. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her son is 13 and in seventh grade. He has forgotten his homework twice and his backpack once. Every time it happens, her son and her husband expect her to drop off the items at school. 

“I told him I’m staying at home for our youngest (1.5), not to run errands for our son,” she explained to her husband. 

She believes her son is old enough to take responsibility for his backpack. Moreover, she thinks that it’s “ridiculous” to constantly be going to his school due to his own forgetfulness. 

“I remember understanding from a very early age that calling home and expecting someone to come to the school for me was asking them to give up their valuable time,” she wrote

Redditors shared their thoughts on the issue. 

“My 4th graders school won’t even allow parents to do this. Kids need to learn responsibility,” a person replied

“Your son is struggling in some way and you’re more concerned about your precious SAHM time,” another wrote.

“You are not being unfair to him by being unavailable for a minor incident of forgetfulness,” someone added

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