Pregnant wife enrages husband when she buys private refrigerator for herself: ‘This is not a healthy relationship’

A pregnant wife bought a “separate fridge” with locks to keep her husband out. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice after her husband Paul accused her of “turning food into a war.” At 10 weeks pregnant, she’s been losing weight instead of gaining it. 

To address the issue, she started buying her favorite snacks to have on hand so she can sate her cravings. But Paul kept eating her snacks.

“He says that it’s not a big deal and I can just get more,” she explained. “[That] involves me (not him) stopping at the store more and me (again, not him) spending more of my money.” 

She “snapped” after she purchased her favorite Neapolitan ice cream and Paul specifically ate all of the strawberry flavor — her favorite part. She bought a $2,300 fridge with locks to keep in the garage using her personal savings.

When Paul discovered the fridge he became furious that she made a major purchase and weaponized the food. 

“You have every right to be annoyed and frustrated that he has no respect for you concerning food,” a user wrote

“I think you need to consider couple counseling because this is not a healthy partnership,” another commented

Married people are still allowed to have their own separate stuff and can still expect that boundary to be respected,” a person said

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