Pregnant woman walks out of Thanksgiving after mother-in-law throws out food: ‘Do not put up with that’

A pregnant woman left in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner after how her mother-in-law treated her. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. She cannot eat meat due to pre-existing health issues, but her mother-in-law refuses to listen to her regarding the issue. 

For Thanksgiving, she prepared her own meal to bring to family dinner at her mother-in-law’s. During mealtime, her mother-in-law told her she would heat up the plate but served her own cooking instead. 

“When asked publically, she denied recieving any dish from me and started asking if I accidently left it at home or the car,” the Redditor wrote. “There was a huge blow up.” 

She got up and walked out of the dinner. Afterward, she discovered her mother-in-had thrown the plate away. Her husband thinks she overreacted and should have stayed. 

Redditors agreed the mother-in-law crossed a line but that her husband was the real issue. 

“Tell your husband to defend you or you’re out… Do not put up with that,” a user advised

“You have a husband problem more than a MIL problem,” another wrote

“If your husband isn’t backing you up on this it’ll only get worse,” a Redditor said

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