Reddit became real-life in 2021 — here’s what happened

Reddit released its Reddit Recap 2021. This year Redditors made sure online conversations had a real-life impact.

The company, home to 100,000 active online communities around the world, compiled data from Jan. 1, 2021, to Nov. 9, 2021, to curate its biggest trends. The platform also launched Reddit Recap on Dec. 9 to allow users to see their year in review. Most notably this year, people made online chatter real-world moments.

Everything from playing around with with the stock market on r/wallstreetbets to crashing the One Simple Wish website to gifting a boy 150 stuffed Manta-Ray toys to the infamous “Battle of the Joshes” had implications IRL. 

Reddit posts increased 19% year over year, with Redditors creating 366 million posts in 2021. Meanwhile, comments went up 12% with 2.3 billion total and almost 46 billion upvotes.

Reddit’s Most Upvoted Posts 2021

Reddit’s Most Upvoted AMAs 2021

Reddit’s Most Popular Communities 2021 

Cryptocurrency: In 2021, there were 6.6 million mentions of “crypto” on the platform. Reddit’s most-viewed crypto communities in 2021 were r/dogecoin, r/cryptocurrency, r/amcstock, r/bitcoin and r/superstonk, which saw a 917% subscriber increase year over year. 

Gaming: Gamers have always been welcome on Reddit. The top-five most viewed gaming communities in 2021 were r/genshinimpactr/leagueoflegendsr/gaming r/rpclipsgta and r/ffxiv

Sports: When pandemic lockdowns lifted, sports fans gathered on Reddit to discuss their favorite teams. Its most-viewed sports communities in 2021 were r/nba (basketball), r/soccer, r/nfl (American football), r/squaredcircle(wrestling) and r/mma (mixed martial arts). 

Weddings: Whether it’s to love or hate them weddings always have people talking on Reddit. The most popular wedding subreddit in 2021 was r/wedding with a 200% increase in engagement. The most-viewed communities were r/weddingplanning, r/engagementrings, r/bridezillas, r/wedding and r/weddingsunder10k

Health and Fitness: Reddit’s most-viewed health and fitness support groups were r/lifeprotips, r/sports, r/progresspics, r/fitness and r/loseit

Food and Drink: In 2021, Redditors were interested in cooking at home and discussing their favorite food franchises. The most-viewed food and drink communities were r/food, r/cooking, r/keto, r/kitchenconfidential and r/starbucks

Movies and TelevisionWith people still at home, movies and TV were a must pastime. The most-viewed movie communities were r/moviesr/marvelstudios, r/starwars, r/moviedetails and r/dc_cinematic and most- viewed TV communities were r/marvelstudios, r/thebachelor, r/prequelmemes, r/rupaulsdragrace and r/television

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