Roommate is accused of ‘booby-trapping’ food after adding hot sauce to leftovers: ‘Karma was instant’

A man’s younger brother is mad at him over some very spicy leftovers. 

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He and his 22-year-old brother rent an apartment together. He has a girlfriend, while his brother casually dates. 

One day, he put chili sauce on some Thai leftovers to eat later. Then his brother brought home a Tinder date. Without asking him for permission, his brother’s date ate his leftovers. 

“I hear screaming coming from the kitchen. So we get up to check,” he explained. “The random was hungry and decided to eat my leftovers.” 

The issue was she couldn’t handle spicy food and was in a lot of pain. She accused the Reddit poster of “booby-trapping” the food by putting hot sauce on it. 

“So now my brother is on his way to a convenience store to get actual milk. She was still cursing me out when she left with him,” he wrote. “My brother says that I should not have spiced my own leftovers. I told him to pay me for what she ate. That shut him up.” 

Redditors couldn’t believe the audacity of the Tinder date. 

“This is why you don’t randomly eat food from a stranger’s fridge without asking, besides it being incredibly rude,” a person said

“She wouldn’t have burned her mouth if she didn’t steal your food. Karma was instant and deserved,” another wrote

“She stole your food. Nothing more to say,” a user added

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