Sensory toy shop ‘breaks’ after going viral on Reddit: ‘Shut up and take my money’

A Reddit user’s online sensory toy shop blew up after other Reddit users discovered their account!

A Reddit user recently posted a video in the subreddit r/autism of their mesmerizing 3-D-printed sensory toys for neurodivergent children, and they were so popular that the order volume “literally broke” their Etsy shop. 

The clip features a fidget toy called the Tornado, constructed from layers of moveable plastic that stack, spin, and hit all the sensory pleasure buttons. 

When lying flat, the Tornado looks like spirals shaped like a flower. The toy’s satisfying sound and intriguing formation make it especially appealing. 

The Reddit user posted the clip three months ago, to show the Tornado fidget toy he makes for his kids who are on the Autism spectrum. The interest generated from the post convinced him to sell them on Etsy

As a result, the order volume was so massive that Etsy needed to put the shop in “vacation mode” until the degree of orders subsided. 

During that downtime, the shop was expanded to include even more objects and fidget toys

Reddit users took to the comments to share their love for the toys in addition to placing more orders. 

“Fantastic news, my son got his for Christmas, loves them (I stole one for myself). Glad things are going well for you,” said one customer. 

“I have contributed to the breaking of your shop. My son is on the spectrum and will love it,” one parent raved. 

“You might want to market this toward people who are into psychedelics as well, haha. It’d definitely be a fun trip toy,” recommended one viewer, to which the original poster playfully responded, “You ain’t lyin’. The fractal pyramids are a HUGE hit with that crowd.” 

Whether you decide to purchase a fidget toy for yourself or your child, it’s inspiring to see a small business aimed at helping people succeed.

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