Bride gets furious at sister for not attending child-free wedding: ‘I can’t attend if I can’t bring my baby’

A pregnant woman is refusing to attend her sister’s child-free wedding

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her sister Lisa is getting married later this year. By the wedding, she will have given birth and have a 5-month-old baby

She asked Lisa if she could bring her newborn, but Lisa refused, so she is skipping the wedding. However, now Lisa is furious. 

“She said she wants me to be there and give a speech as the sister of the bride, but I told her I can’t attend if I can’t bring my baby,” the Reddit poster wrote.  

Their mom volunteered to watch the newborn for a few hours while she gave the speech, but Lisa refused to let either parent step away from the ceremony. 

Redditors thought Lisa was being unreasonable and wanted to have it both ways. 

“People are allowed to have child-free weddings, they are not allowed to be offended when people don’t come,” a user wrote

“Your sister will just have to get over it, she can’t expect you to ditch your baby just for her wedding,” another said

“Your child comes before her wedding,” a Redditor commented

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