Student is infuriated when roommate doesn’t wake him up for class: ‘He’s an adult’

A college student doesn’t think it’s his fault his roommate overslept. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. He and his roommate, Brady, just started their first year of university. The two 18-year-olds have different lifestyles. Brady stays up late, while the Reddit poster is sure to get his eight hours of sleep every night. 

Brady claims he can function with a few hours to no sleep. But when his plan to stay up all night didn’t work out, he blamed the Reddit poster. 

“Last night, he was talking to some of his friends on our floor pretty late. I decided to head off and get ready for bed at about 10pm while he stayed up until almost 1:30am,” he said

The next morning Brady slept through six of his alarms. Meanwhile, the Reddit poster woke up and went to class on time. 

“I received a very angry text from him asking why I didn’t wake him up and that he will now be late for his class. I responded by saying that we are now adults,” he wrote

“I’m not responsible for when he chooses to fall asleep on days he knows he has early classes and that if he can’t wake up on time then he needs to make sure he falls asleep at a reasonable time.” 

Redditors thought Brady was responsible for waking himself up. 

“What don’t people understand about being an adult and that you’re responsible for yourself and your own schedule,” a user said

“He’s an adult and is responsible for managing his sleep schedule in order to not be late or miss his classes,” another commented

“Unless he had asked you to wake him up and you had agreed to do so then this is his problem,” a person added

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