Reddit users discuss the video games that have made them rage the hardest

Video games are a wonderful interactive medium that can invoke a lot of feelings within us — including rage.

In a popular Reddit thread, gamers chimed in about the most infuriating titles they’ve ever played. To the average player, many of these games may seem innocuous, or perhaps even relaxing.

Oh no. No no no.

I can guarantee that everyone in this screenshot is miserable.
Credit: Team17

Overcooked is a party game that appears to be a cute, whimsical take on working in a restaurant kitchen. But anyone who’s actually played the game can tell you that what the game actually excels at is emulating the intensity and stress of the kitchen.

“I never hated a game, myself or the people around me more than the one time I played ‘OverCooked.’” a Reddit user said.

“If Overcooked was more popular, there would be far more divorces,” another user agreed.

Don’t play this game if you value your mouse.
Credit: Bennett Foddy

Games that are specifically designed to frustrate the player also appeared on the thread. One user mentioned Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, which is essentially a long, philosophical deconstruction on game difficulty.

In practice, it’s a game that has destroyed the sanity of many players, including professionals. After a failed Getting Over It run, Overwatch pro Kim “birding” Ji-hyeok slammed his hand in frustration and injured his wrist, which sidelined him for several months.

The most badass soldiers on Earth who can still miss with a shotgun at point blank range.
Credit: 2K Games

Sometimes, the algorithm just isn’t on your side, as is the case for the XCOM series.

“Xcom. Critical tactical situation, life and death, 99% chance to hit…” A Redditor wrote. “Swing and a miss. I love the game and f****** hate it.”

XCOM is a game all about probability. Various factors like distance, your weapon, the enemy’s personal stats and cover all determine the odds of you scoring a crucial kill or missing entirely and getting your squad killed.

It’s a polarizing mechanic that even the game’s hardcore fans love to hate. To paraphrase a popular saying in the XCOM fandom: You don’t have a 95 percent chance to hit — you have a 5 percent chance to miss.

I’m going in… To get shot in the face by some guy in a corner I didn’t even see.
Credit: Ubisoft

And because man is a wolf to another man, of course a competitive shooter like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is in the thread. The tactical shooter can frustrate some players because of the low margin of error and how quickly engagements end.

“Rainbow six siege,” A Redditor said. “WHERE THE F*** DID HE SHOOT ME FROM?”

The next time you’re tilting from a game and feel the urge to smash your controller, take some deep breaths and go vent on Reddit instead. The new Xbox X/S Series and PlayStation 5 controllers are not going to be cheap.

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