Goodwill employee reveals alleged ‘disgusting’ secret about working for the store: ‘Never buying from [there] again’

Reddit users are spilling the tea about the industries they work in.

On Aug. 30, a user who goes by WoOoOoOoShHhHh posted in the rAskReddit forum and posed this question to fellow users: What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?

The post, which received more than 81,000 upvotes, has garnered tens of thousands of replies from people in all types of professions who are more than willing to share insightful, juicy and surprising secrets about their jobs.

One Goodwill employee shared a very disgusting secret about how the store handles its donations.

“At Goodwill, we don’t clean anything that we sell, and we get some really gross stuff that touches everything else,” they revealed. “So next time you buy something from Goodwill, wash it well.”

A TSA worker shared a similarly disturbing fact about how unsuccessful airport security really is.

“TSA is constantly failing plain cloths inspections,” they said. “I worked with a guy who got fired because someone showed him an ID with a picture of Micky Mouse on it and he let the person through because he wasn’t paying attention.”

A student loan servicer, meanwhile, exposed the industry they worked for.

“They lie to their customers about not saving their credit card information because we aren’t supposed to,” they said. “We also save their social, addresses, and five of their most recent phone numbers and bank account numbers.”

And a dentist gave “the lowdown on toothpaste,” noting that all brands are essentially the same.

“As long as it has fluoride they are all basically the same,” they said. “When I was in dental school the Colgate lady came by and said that everything that says Colgate Total on it is all exactly the same, the only difference is the packaging. So whether it says whitening, or gum protection, or whatever else it is all exactly the same.”

The Reddit thread has plenty more useful and concerning secrets from teachers, sales associates, IT techs and more. Who knew every industry had so many skeletons in the closet!

If you enjoyed this story, check out this video a former Olive Garden employee made about the “secrets” of working there.

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